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Arid Air Services: What you need to know

Arid Air Services: What You Need To Know

Arid Air is here to tell you that there is a way to enjoy the great Outback and all its beauty. With our scenic flights and tours, you get to enjoy the outback and more, including:

  • Scenic Flights
  • Outback Air Tours - overnight to several days with ground tours as well
  • Charters - private or business
  • Group Bookings
  • Customised flights to suit your needs or budget

More Than Just A Tour

At Arid Air, we don’t just give you a tour, we’re here to offer an experience. With our informative guided flight tours, brace yourself for a transformational Australian Outback experience!

We ensure that you get to see more through these flights. We get you right at the heart of remote destinations, some that are not even accessible by road or foot. We offer tour packages, but the best tour for us would always be the one that is personalised for every traveller’s needs.

We all have our own travel bucket list, and if you find that your visions would be better accomplished by not adhering to a package tour, then we have you covered.

Let’s sit down, and discuss how we can check off all your boxes. Our expert guides and pilots are here to accommodate your needs whenever, and wherever you need it.

Departing from Marree:

Arid Air operates several aircraft from Marree, SA. which is perfectly located just South East of Lake Eyre, at the junction of the Birdsville and Oodnadatta Tracks. We fly over the Marree Man on all Lake Eyre scenic flights. We strive to give you the best coverage and value for money.

We offer several short scenic flights and overnight packaged tours from 2 days to 7 days departing from Marree and now Adelaide. SA.

We have Lake Eyre scenic flights, that cover the Marree Man, Lake Eyre, the Anna Creek Painted Hills, Birdsville, Innamincka, Simpson Desert and much more.

On our overnight tours we stay in Birdsville, Innamincka, Peterborough, and Quorn just to name a few.
We have 6 seat aircraft to 14 seat aircraft.

The Traveller’s Task

Our pilots are very experienced and knowledgeable, navigating the vast Outback region and will show you this wonderful region by air, but we often land in remote areas and allow you time to enjoy your experience and take in your surroundings which only adds to the adventure. We also have options to join ground tours.

But any ground walks are not in any way heavily strenuous, but you are outback, so it would be best if you wear some sensible footwear and always be prepared for the local weather! Bring a hat and sunscreen, too.

Apart from those gentle reminders, the last thing we require from you is curiosity. Wonder at the sights and ask questions. Most of all, enjoy!

Contact Us

Arid Air is open to discussions about your adventure plans and more. We’d like to maximise your Outback experience here, which is why we highly recommend booking ahead of time so we can start the preparations early on.
It’s easy! Simply call 0488 444 544 to begin your Outback journey today or call into the Marree Hotel, See you soon.

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